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Disturbed by Anti-Democracy Insurgency on Capitol Hill, Yellow Vest Actions Adjusts #ShutDownBrunch Protest Format, Increases Demands

Press Release
Contact: Jamie Sue Austin, Yellow Vest Actions, (904) 361-1672,

(01/09/2021—Gentry, AR) The January 6th anti-democratic insurgency at the Capitol building broke a 209-year streak of peaceful transitions of power in our nation. We mourn this loss of confidence in our government. To prevent further disruption to our delicate Democracy and to ensure the safety and well-being of Yellow Vest protesters and supporters, the Yellow Vest Actions requests protesters redirect their D.C. efforts to the development of their local protest actions. A small number of Yellow Vest Actions organizers will be onsite in Washington, D.C. to receive protesters who could not alter their plans.
Yellow Vest Actions organizers will gather at 11:00 am at the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park on January 20th, 2021. Organizers can be recognized by their iconic yellow colored high visibility vests. Group organizers remind protesters that Mayor Muriel Bowser has extended her public emergency declaration till 3:00 pm on January 21st in reaction to the Capital Hill riot. A 6:00 pm curfew is in effect. Organizers ask protesters to follow all local ordinances. Group organizers also encourage the administration to produce a representative to receive the group’s written demands. Yellow Vest Actions protesters are asked limit interaction and avoid engagement with anti-democratic insurgents. Yellow Vest Actions is a policy demand group. The focus of their protest actions is on making policy demands.

The Yellow Vest Actions have increased their demand for recurring, monthly stimulus payments to $2,000 per adult citizen and resident ($5,00 per child); to apply eight months, retroactively. They will present the people’s demand for stimulus payments and Medicare for All legislation to the incoming Biden administration on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. The demands are made on the threat of a general strike.

Recent political conditions are favorable to the protester’s demands. The Democratic Party will soon have majority control in the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government. President-elect Joe Biden and much of the Democratic Party leadership have come out in support of $2,000 one-time economic stimulus payments. Progressive leaders working within the structure of the Democratic party have proposed monthly payments. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) introduced $2,000 monthly stimulus checks in the Emergency Money for the People Act (H.R.6496). Progressive leaders continue to endure aggressive demands from their supporters to introduce a floor vote on Medicare for All legislation. There is public pressure for the incoming Biden administration to produce quick results on stimulus and healthcare legislation.
Support for the Yellow Vest Actions is growing. Organizers report solidarity actions in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana along with online solidarity streaming and events. The group is actively building partnerships with other groups promoting Medicare for All legislation and reaching out to union organizations. So far, the overall Yellow Vest movement has been warmly received in pro populist circles, though the process has not been without its hurdles. The group will continue to build support for the #ShutDownBrunch protest till Inauguration Day.

The group acknowledges that their timeline for a large demonstration in Washington, D.C., the timeline for meeting their demands, and the threatened general strike date will be pushed into the future. “We have the support to present our demands and a growing group of people spreading the word, now it’s just a matter of logistics. We are redirecting the #ShutDownBrunch protesters to engage in local and online actions to keep people safe. But, even without that situation the pandemic has created extreme economic vulnerability for many Americans. The people most in support of these legislative policies are the ones least able to afford safe travel to Washington, D.C.,” said organizer Josh Haver, “Who shows up will be only a tiny fraction of the people demanding stimulus payments and Medicare for All. We will bring more of our supporters on March 7th when we announce the final date for meeting demands and a general strike. We’ll keep coming till we get Medicare for All.”

For more information contact: Jamie Sue Austin, 479-337-4048,

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Yellow Vests to issue demands for #StimulusNow and #MedicareforAll, General Strike to follow!

Press Release
Contact: Jamie Sue Austin, Yellow Vest Actions, 479-337-4048,

(12/28/2020—Gentry, AR) We are a people in distress. Forty years of rising wealth inequality, stagnant wages, increased healthcare costs, brutal and authoritarian policing and criminal justice, climate crisis denial, and corrupt elections have all but destroyed the American Working Class.

If they will not hear us on the campaign trails, if they will not hear us at the ballot boxes, if they will not hear us in their legislative halls, then they will hear us on the street.

Yellow Vest Actions is organized by Eric Kestner, a 54-year-old Auto Service Manager from Issaquah, Washington. Eric was inspired by the solidarity shown by everyday French citizens as they organized to fight against the injustice and inequality they saw in their own government.  He, like other Yellow Vest protesters, recognized that the American government has failed to provide for the general welfare of its people. Yellow Vest Actions is part of the larger, uncoordinated Yellow Vest movement in the United States. This group seeks to provide coordination for demand protests in the movement. We encourage you to seek out information on other Yellow Vest movements using the hashtags #YellowVestActions and #YellowVests.  We invite you to participate in our demand protest on Inauguration Day. The situation is critical for millions of Americans. We must take swift an decisive action to obtain pandemic relief and healthcare for the people. On January, 20, 2021 the Yellow Vest Actions, organized under the #ShutDownBrunch hashtag, will travel to Washington, DC to publicly issue a demand for Medicare for All and reoccurring stimulus checks on behalf of the people from the incoming administration. Medicare for All and pandemic relief payments are not the only demands the Yellow Vest Actions will make on behalf of the people in the upcoming year, but they are the most urgent.

The people cannot work if they are sick, hungry, or un-housed.  One in six adults is experiencing food insecurity. Twenty-three percent of our households are afraid they will not have enough to eat. Food pantries are experiencing unprecedented demand. An estimated 40 million people are facing eviction crisis. Over 19 million Americans have suffered the effects of Covid 19, some dramatically and over a long period of time. Over 330,000 of our friends, families, and associates have died from the disease. Our people's medical bills will be crippling to our household finances. The real economy does not function on corporate stock market fantasies. The people cannot provide infinite profit for extraction.  We must have financial resources and healthcare care now!  We will continue this cycle of action until our lawmakers capitulate to our demands before moving onto the next set of demands.

We provide the following timeline for the #ShutDownBrunch action and #GeneralStrike response:

January 20, 2021:

1. The Yellow Vest Actions demand monthly, reoccurring $1,200 pandemic relief payments for each citizen and resident of the United States. We acknowledge this is not nearly enough for the American people to recoup nearly ten months of losses, but we know it is within the power of our government to accomplish. The American people will, as they always have, continue to provide for themselves. These payments merely offset a portion of our current losses and allow us to keep the real economy hobbling along. The demand deadline is February 1, 2021.

2. The Yellow Vest Actions will demand H.R.1384 - Medicare for All Act of 2019 be passed by Congress by March 1, 2021, signed into law, and implemented within one year of passing. A global pandemic is a once in a life-time event analogous in loss of life and financial chaos to a world war. The size and scope of this event cannot be downplayed. As we would fund our military to defeat a global militaristic threat, we must fund our healthcare system to combat the ongoing and future toll the pandemic is taking on American lives. We cannot leave a generation of Americans burdened with medical debt and untreated for the long term effects of this virus. 

We know that the administration has the choice to acknowledge or ignore us.  As our government has become lethargic and uncooperative, we do not anticipate the incoming administration to send a representative to receive our demands.  The demands will be made and recorded in full view of the public and the video disseminated online. Legislatures will be notified via their publicly available contact methods and social media platforms. If the demands are unmet, the people will hold a general strike on March 7, 2021.

Stimulus Demand Deadline February 1, 2021:

We anticipate our pandemic relief stimulus payment demand will go unmet. After making our demands in DC we will begin organizing a general strike under the #GeneralStrike hashtag. A general strike withholds labor and consumer participation in the economy. This drives down profits, which in turns causes corporate powers to lean on politicians to capitulate to demands. Strike has historically been an incredibly effective tool for securing demands. We will repeat the cycle of demand followed by strike until each of our demands is met.

Medicare Demand for All Deadline March 1, 2021:

We anticipate our demand for Medicare for All will go unmet. We will continue to organize the general strike.

General Strike March 7, 2021:

Workers Strike! Strikers will withhold their labor. To show solidarity people can withhold their consumer consumption or flex any other economic leverage they have. We encourage you to show solidarity by withholding your purchases and redirecting your funds to your favorite mutual aid organizations. We encourage all people to use the economic leverage they have during each general strike.

The Day after the General Strike:

The process begins again, growing in the number of participants and involvement with each subsequent demand action. We continue to repeat our demands and withhold our economic participation until our lawmakers capitulate to our demands.

The people need you. The people need each other. WE NEED YOU to help us bring your demands to our legislature and impose real consequences for failing to uphold their constitutional responsibilities. Donate to the cause, join us in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, participate in the general strike, and share our message at ever opportunity. The power is our hands to make ourselves heard.

For more information contact: Jamie Sue Austin, 479-337-4048,

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Encouraged by the people, the Yellow Vest Actions Will Demand #StimulusNow and #M4A on Inguaration Day

Contact: Jamie Sue Austin, Yellow Vest Actions, 479-337-4048,

(12/20/2020—Gentry, AR) The Yellow Vest Actions are rapidly growing their coordinated and ongoing effort to represent the people’s demand for policy to address inequality and injustice across our economic, legal, and healthcare systems. We continue to recruit participants in our #ShutDownBrunch protest on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to apply pressure to the incoming administration and existing members of legislature to secure the people’s demands. This action focuses on the specific demands for Medicare for All and pandemic relief for the people.

Americans are in distress. Covid-19 didn’t just harm our health, it took a hammer to any post recession gains we have made. Our incomes are reduced, our savings are depleted, and our debt is growing. Our extended unemployment benefits end Christmas week. We know the cyclical post-holiday slump in the economy will brutalize us. The one-time $1200 stimulus payment was not nearly enough to help us to offset nine months of losses. The most vulnerable of us are falling deeper into poverty. They are at risk of homelessness and nutritional deficiency during a pandemic. We must protect them. We are gathering our forces to present the public demand for immediate and continued stimulus relief and healthcare access on behalf of the people. In these unprecedented times, feckless political leadership is a legitimate threat to our lives.

Americans are hungry. One in six of us can’t afford enough groceries and a quarter of our children are worried they won’t have enough to eat. Food banks are experiencing unprecedented demand. We must make sure our people can feed themselves. The people cannot work if they cannot eat.

American are sick. Over 17.3 million Americans have been infected with Covid-19. More than 312,000 of our neighbors, friends, and family have died. Vaccine deployment brings a modicum of hope for an eventual resolution to the pandemic, but Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome sufferers (“long haulers”) endure ongoing symptoms of the disease long after they are no longer infected. Long haulers face increasing medical costs and more time off work. Cold and flu didn’t forget to take its seasonal health and financial toll on the people even if the media has forgotten to mention it. Our nation's health is in critical condition. We must get healthcare to the people. The people cannot work if they are sick.

Americans are afraid of eviction. One in three households cannot afford to make ends meet. An estimated 40 million people may be evicted in the upcoming months. We know we are at much greater risk of contracting Covid-19 if we are without shelter during the pandemic. We are anxious for our friends and families struggling to afford their bills. The people cannot work, socially distance, or protect themselves from Covid-19 exposure if they have no place to sleep or care for their hygiene needs.

We must ground our politicians and their corporate sponsors in reality. People cannot produce infinite profit and prosperity from nothing. The elite in our country are dangerously delusional to think so. The people cannot work if they are sick, hungry, and homeless. Our leaders must acknowledge what we all know to be true. There are limits to what we can do for ourselves without their help. They must help to preserve us and themselves. The risk is to all of us.
Medicare for All and recurring direct pandemic economic relief payments to the people are the the most responsible actions our government can take to promote our general welfare during this national health and economic crisis. The majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents agree the Federal Government should do more to provide health insurance to the people and the Medicare for All Act of 2019 is supported by over half the population.  It is time politicians to put their corporate interests aside and lean into promoting and passing M4A legislation.   

The American people should not have to explain their need for ongoing stimulus payments. Our government collects the very data we use to compare our actual cost of living to our available wages and resources. We should not have to parrot it back to them. Other well developed, wealthy nations have acknowledged the risks their people face and initiated recurring payments to protect their population from economic ruin. The United States did not. It was a morally bankrupt choice on behalf of our leaders and they should be shamed for it. Any quibbling over the need for recurring pandemic relief payments is an act of economic barbarism committed against the people. It is a threat to us.

We are responding to that threat on Inauguration Day. We invite you and the circles you influence to join us as we demand M4A and recurring stimulus payments for the people. Ride share information is available on Ride Share tab at If you are unable to attend and want to support our action, consider donating. Donations help cover the cost of pushing out our message, transporting and accommodating protesters, and building bail funds.

We thank those who have already shared our message and joined our action. We appreciate those that engage with us, inform us, and educate us. You let us know we are moving in the right direction with the people’s intentions. We will continue to honor our promise to take the people’s demands for immediate relief to the streets.

For more information contact: Jamie Sue Austin, 479-337-4048,

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Dismissed by partisan party politics, Yellow Vest Actions gather for Inauguration Day Protest in Washington, DC.

Contact: Jamie Sue Austin, Yellow Vest Actions, 479-337-4048,

(11/24/2020—Gentry, AR) On January 20, 2021, members of the Yellow Vest Actions movement will gather at the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park in Washington, DC, starting at 11:00 am. The protest will move throughout the capital. This movement joins other groups demanding legislative changes from the incoming Biden administration. The protests are a reaction to the Biden campaign’s dismissal of the widespread public demand for Medicare for All and other progressive policies during the election cycle.

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 (S.1129) is a single-payer, national health insurance program that would provide Americans with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service, without networks, premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or surprise bills. The act has significant public support. An April 2020 Hill-HarisX Poll showed 69% of the public support Medicare for All. Kaiser Family Foundation polls also show half of Americans are in favor of Medicare for All, with Democrats showing greater support of the act than Republicans. Progressive policies have gained traction among the American people, as shown by a doubling of The Squad, an informal name for the progressive leadership group in the House of Representatives, and the increased number of progressive candidates that won state and local offices during the election.

Despite broad public support for the act, neither candidate in the two-party national election officially supported Medicare for All legislation. Yellow Vest Actions protesters at this event will represent the public demand for Medicare for All alongside other progressive policies such as the Green New Deal, and police and criminal justice reforms. Protesters, organized under the #ShutDownBrunch hashtag, seek to put pressure on an administration they believe is deeply invested in corporate interests at the expense of the American people.

Eric Kestner, a 54-year-old Auto Service Manager from Issaquah, Washington expresses the group's collective complaint against the newly elected Democratic leadership, "The Democrats aren't even considering Medicare for All legislation. Not even in a pandemic? They can't even get a proper stimulus through."  Lack of affordable healthcare and slow response to the overwhelming demand for a second stimulus bill is a complaint echoed across the nation as one in three households struggle to make ends meet. "The people are hurting. It's time to revolt", he says. 

The protesters intend to move from the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park to towards the White House, but the unknowns of Inauguration Day traffic restrictions at the capital prevent planning the route in advance. Yellow Vest Actions protesters can be identified by their iconic Yellow Vests, similar to those used in Paris-based protests in 2018 and 2019. Protesters are asked to remain non-violent and to wear their masks. 

The Inauguration Day Yellow Vest Actions protest is coordinated under the #ShutDownBrunch hashtag. Related hashtags include #YellowVestActions and #SeeYouInDC. Citing large public support for progressive policies, Yellow Vest Actions protesters demand the incoming Biden administration adopt existing proposed progressive legislation including Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. Yellow Vest Actions protests add to a growing number of protest movements focused on ending wealth, income, racial, and justice inequality across America.

For more information contact: Jamie Sue Austin, 479-337-4048,

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